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Noah Worthington


I didn’t set out to create an empire. When I started my company, Skye Travels, I had two goals in mind. One, I wanted to be able to fly whenever I wanted to. On my own schedule. The big airlines were concerned with nothing more than their bottom line.

            My second goal was to have the freedom to spend as much time with Savannah Skye Richards as possible. Actually Savannah Skye Richards Worthington.

            These two goals turned out to be somewhat in contradiction. Part of that was my own doing. I started Skye Travels in Fort Worth, Texas near where I grew up. It was instinct mostly. And the market turned out to be fertile. My life with Savannah, however, was in Alabama. Savannah was not only from there, she’d put down roots for herself.

            As Skye Travels grew, I got more flying time than I bargained for. Fort Worth to Alabama and back again. Then to compound things, there was my daughter, Danielle, who lived with my ex-wife in California. I clocked a lot of miles without even counting the customers.

            Back to Savannah. The more my company grew, the less time I was spending with Savannah. I bought another airplane and hired another pilot. We were booking three months out. The market was booming.

            One thing led to another and now I own twenty-six airplanes – mostly Lear jets – all of them sleek, new, and modern. My reputation grew. I sold my first little Mooney two-seater along the way. That was Savannah’s idea. She liked to keep things uncluttered. If it isn’t being used, it needs to go. 

            Just one of the many ways she’s been good for me since I tend to be something of a collector.

            As I collected planes, I collected pilots. As my company’s reputation grew, I attracted the best young pilots. Some say I was competition for the big airlines. It’s possible. Because I cared about more than the bottom line. I took care of my pilots and they took care of the company.

            What happened next was completely unexpected. 



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