Love's Second Chances Book 1

Begin Again launches Kathryn Kelly’s sweet, wholesome “Love's Second Chance” series. Connected by related characters, each book explores the scary and wonderful possibilities of love lost and found again. Are they willing to risk their hearts on a second chance at love?

Savannah Richards is charming, fashionable, and at the top of her career as a drug rep, but she doesn’t have time for romance. She found love once, twenty years ago, but it didn’t end well. No other man had ever come close to reaching the standard for love Noah set all those years ago.

Noah Worthington’s career as an airline pilot keeps him in the air more than at home. Maybe that contributed to the downfall of his marriage. Or maybe it was the memories of the college freshman he’d left behind. Then a chance encounter with her sends his heart soaring.

Savannah doesn’t believe in chance. Noah disappeared from her life once. Now he’s back. Forgiving past wrongs would take courage. Can they just pick up where they left off so many years ago? Are they willing to take a second chance on a once in a lifetime love?