Once Upon A Time

Twist of Fate launches Kathryn Kelly’s Once Upon a Time Series

Twist of Fate launches Kathryn Kelly’s Once Upon a Time Series…Centuries ago a young woman’s life was saved when a mysterious man opened a rift in time for her to escape through. But the rip didn’t heal, and now her descendants are inadvertently slipping through that portal. Misplaced in time, will any of them find their way home again? And will they want to, when love awaits them on the other side?

While visiting her beloved grandfather, veterinarian Erika Becquerel wakes to discover she’s somehow fallen into her family’s past. Her grandfather’s home in Natchez, Mississippi is the same, yet different. The grandfather clock she had yet to wind – the key in her hand… ticking. Empty fields now overflow with unpicked cotton and the house is filled with strangers. Especially one brooding, mysterious stranger.

Charles Becquerel doesn’t particularly care for the woman he’s betrothed to. It’s simply a business arrangement, forged by his father as a way to save his family’s plantation. It’s a fate he has accepted with resignation and duty. But the stunning stranger who stumbles into his life threatens to upend all those plans.

Lost in 1837, Erika struggles to return to her own time. She’s the only one who can save her grandfather from a murder plot. Is Charles willing to defy his father and risk his family home for the love of a woman who thinks she’s from the future? Even if they can find a way to be together, will fate allow them to defy time itself?


Book 1: Twist of Fate featuring Erika Becquerel

Book 2: When the Stars Align featuring Bradley Becquerel

Book 3: Once in a Blue Moon featuring Arabella Becquerel - COMING SOON! 

Book 4: Once Upon a Christmas features Vaughn and Jonathan Becquerel - see how it all started


This story took me on an emotional roller coaster and I loved every minute of it! 

Made you think time travel is possible! Loved it and can't wait to read the next one!

The best book ever ..just started reading again for the second time..good from beginning to the end..

The second in the series is just as captivating as the first. I think I have fallen in love with Kathryn Kelly's books!!


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